Financial Foresight

You may or may not be familiar with the teachings of Peter F. Drucker, something of a god amongst management gurus. I have spent some of my holiday picking through some of his classic writing. I love his requirements for the 3 early stages of a new venture: First, a focus on the market, not the product. Without this you … Read More

Flexible working is in fashion

Whether it is zero hours contracts for shop floor workers or part-time contracts for senior expertise, flexible working is an established and growing way that modern businesses engage staff. Why is this? Well there are a bunch of reasons: It is socially acceptable for people to work for an organisation part-time. The increase in numbers of working women made employers … Read More

10 reasons why annual budgeting is a waste of time

The more enlightened amongst you may have picked up murmurings that annual budgeting has become an increasingly discredited activity: rolling 12 or 15 month forecasting is the way to go. For those of you who have not woken up to this revelation, here are 10 reasons why annual budgeting is a waste of time. There is confusion about what a … Read More

What does a growing business need from its finance function?

As a growing business it is hard to know exactly how much to invest in your finance function. Do you just go for the basics or aim further? Once you are sure that you are serious about growth (& by that I mean that you are a startup that is going to reach £1m in sales & when you reach … Read More