What does a growing business need from its finance function?

As a growing business it is hard to know exactly how much to invest in your finance function. Do you just go for the basics or aim further? Once you are sure that you are serious about growth (& by that I mean that you are a startup that is going to reach £1m in sales & when you reach … Read More

And welcome to spring

In this blog: What you need from your finance function if you are trying to grow and are £5m to £250m) Spectacular photos of famous buildings taken from drones (nothing to with spring but they are cool!) In my latest blog, I explain the things that a growing business should be looking for from its finance function. I start the … Read More

5 Principles for 21st Century Financial Management

It is good to see that fusty old accounting departments full of out-of-touch, brown-suited, socially challenged accountants are largely relics of the past. I am, however, surprised how many finance functions still fail to deliver up-to-date, relevant information, remaining stuck with many of the management practices of the last century. To help every organisation develop a finance function that is … Read More