Finance function leaders: are you running too hard to stand still?

Are you stressed out? This blog is a call to those of you who run finance functions that are struggling to call for help. You are not alone. Asking for help is a sign of strength not failure. As I have identified in an earlier blog and has been shown in Dunn & Bradstreet research, many finance functions are finding … Read More

So what? The impact on performance of your finance function

In this blog I explain the impact on an organisation of a finance function being in a particular performance state. In my last blog I explained the 3 states of performance in which I classify finance functions and the indicators I use to determine which state they are in. The table below recaps the states and shows their impact on … Read More

Let’s Find Out What Makes Up an Effective Finance Function!

I’m on a mission to find out what makes up an effective finance function. Aged 53 with 19 years’ experience of being an FD behind me, I think that I’ve already got a good idea but I’m not sure. The world of finance is changing and I want to find out what other people think. By pooling our knowledge I … Read More

Why do we exist?

A deep question which it makes infinite sense to answer… not only if you are feeling spiritual but also if you run a business. I have recently read two business books that positively gush about the importance of clearly answering this most fundamental of questions. The first is Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”. To get his point, my recommendation is … Read More

Fancy joining a revolution?

A finance function may not sound like the place to start, but changes in technology and working practices are transforming the plain old accounts department. These provide opportunities to create innovative solutions and services that transform the way that business finance is managed. Bellevue Partners’ mission is to help people in organisations run great finance functions. We like to do … Read More

Are you keeping up?

If you’re running a growing business it’s hard to keep up with everything. Here’s 3 things to focus on with your financial management. 1. Control Cash and Profit With the emphasis in the order shown. 2. Get Good Information Spend time on: planning and designing the information so it’s what you need. finding the right tools for the job. There … Read More