I don’t like transformation

Since the start of the year I have been delving deeper into the world of change management and looking at different approaches for improving finance functions. And my conclusion is that I don’t like transformation: the word not the process.

What’s the problem? It makes it seem too easy. Transformation sounds like you click your fingers and hey presto! Everything is sorted. The reality of transformational change is that it is a slow road. Lots of small steps take people on the journey from an out-of-touch finance team to a well connected one. Yes, if you compare the before and after over a period of years the shape and performance of the finance function can and will be radically different but, like evolution, it maybe hard to spot the differences between one week and the next.

I’ll talk more about this in forthcoming blogs. In the meantime let me move on to this month’s links:

  • Are you connected? Have you ever arrived in a finance department and thought that this place feels neglected? Why do some end up in the doldrums and others at the sharp end? Click here to find out more.
  • Future of Finance: I liked this paper by PWC on how finance functions are changing.
  • Self-Managed organisations: I’ve been reading and discussing this presentation about non-hierarchical management. I’m not sure that I yet swallow the dream entirely but I certainly think that there are some interesting lessons that can be applied, and I will be reading Frederic Laloux’s book to find out more.  
  • And finally, I find big engineering inspiring and liked this video of massive 80 tonne wind turbine blades being driven up a mountain to their place of work. 

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