Something of an epiphany

It was a little strange. I didn’t expect Sir Peter Bazalgette to be my source of revelation. But he was. While listening to him give what was a stimulating talk in Bristol this evening, it all fell into place. I realised why I do what I do.
What do I do? I help businesses, large and small, run great finance functions. So I’m an accountant – so far, so boring.

But as Sir Peter made his connections between the motivations and emotions behind his pragmatic plans for supporting the arts, I suddenly made my own. He showed me why the arts matter to him and to society in general. I managed to translate this into why I help people engage better with finance.

I do what I do because:

I think it matters.
it helps people.
it is what I can do.

Why does it matter? It delivers better results and leads to better decisions but the thing that really matters is that it actually makes people happier. How does it do this? Because with better information they are less confused, less frustrated and have a better time at work with their colleagues. That’s a big part of most people’s lives. It’s easy to put down us finance types as bean-counters. But businesses need to look after their money. If we can do that in a way that is engaging, responsive and helpful to our colleagues then we do actually make the world a happier place, not just for the money-makers but everyone involved.