who we are

Bellevue provide flexible finance support for organisations, large and small, so that they can grow with confidence.

For growing businesses, we provide part-time finance directors and training.

For larger organisations, our training and advice helps transform the performance of their finance teams.

Engaging with us leads to better management information, improved decision-making and increased satisfaction with the performance of the finance function.

Robin Aitken

Bellevue Partners Founder

I was a trainee accountant the first time that someone told me “you don’t seem like an accountant”. People still do. I think they mean that I am taking an interest in more than the figures: an interest in the people, the energy and everything else that is going on in and around their organisation.

I set up Bellevue Partners to give growing businesses and not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to raise their game and make transformational changes to their financial management.

I started my career with Arthur Andersen before joining the BBC, where I helped with change and the move to digital broadcasting. I then stepped into the world of SME’s in 1998. Since then I have gained extensive experience as a finance director, general manager and business adviser, working with private equity and a dotcom floatation. I “went portfolio” in 2007 to channel my passion for improving business performance and helping a variety of organisations engage with finance. I am also:

A visiting lecturer at the University of Bath where I teach Entrepreneurial Finance

A director of Africa Express, a ground-breaking organisation which brings together musicians from all over the world to share culture, great music and good times.


Robin Aitken is the man who kept Africa Express’s craziest project on the commercial rails allowing us to achieve world-wide acclaim and attention while keeping a firm grip of our finances.

Ian Birrell

Founder of Africa Express & Journalist