Are you keeping up?

Keeping up

If you’re running a growing business it’s hard to keep up with everything. Here’s 3 things to focus on with your financial management.

1. Control Cash and Profit

With the emphasis in the order shown.

2. Get Good Information

Spend time on:

  • planning and designing the information so it’s what you need.
  • finding the right tools for the job. There are lots of good, cheap cloud-based solutions around  like Xero and Crunch Boards.
  • Lining up the resources to produce it. On that subject….

3. Find Flexible Resources

The resources to “do finance” are a mixture of people and technology. These days you will not need full-time resources, particularly if you are in the early stages of growth. So use part-time Finance Directors, outsourced book-keepers, cloud-based software and firms of accountants to help with tax compliance, planning and other specialist advice.

If you focus on these just three things  you will be setting solid foundations for your business in an efficient way.

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