Finance function leaders: are you running too hard to stand still?

Are you stressed out? This blog is a call to those of you who run finance functions that are struggling to call for help. You are not alone. Asking for help is a sign of strength not failure. As I have identified in an earlier blog and has been shown in Dunn & Bradstreet research, many finance functions are finding it hard to cope with the demands placed on them.

Many finance leaders are working so hard to stand still that they never find the time to work with their teams to make improvements. A combination of being stretched, ever-increasing demands from the board and a feeling that calling in outside help would be an admission of failure can mean that they never get themselves out of the spiral of worsening financial management. The stress only gets worse and eventually the music will stop either on you or your organisation if you don’t make a change.

A first step is making an honest and methodical analysis of how things stand: asking those who rely on and work in the finance function – how well is it performing? In this dialogue the steps that can be taken to improve performance can be found. Introducing an experienced and independent voice to help with this analysis is often a sensible move.

Bellevue Partners  can partner with you to look at how your finance function is performing and create work programmes that will deliver the changes that will lead to positive and sustainable performance improvements. We have particular experience of working with third sector, private equity and growing businesses but our knowledge and experience can help many different types of organisation. Our solutions are flexible from hands-on interim management through consulting support to providing training and knowledge-sharing. If you would like to find out how we maybe able to help you please get in touch.