Flexible working is in fashion

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Whether it is zero hours contracts for shop floor workers or part-time contracts for senior expertise, flexible working is an established and growing way that modern businesses engage staff. Why is this? Well there are a bunch of reasons:

  • It is socially acceptable for people to work for an organisation part-time.
  • The increase in numbers of working women made employers offer flexible working options, which they found worked rather well. This flexibility has now jumped the genders with increasing numbers of both men and women working flexibly or part-time.
  • Digital technology means that people can communicate on the move and don’t have to be in the office to share information.
  • It is cost effective. You only pay for expertise and resources when you need them.
  • People are able to find more than one organization to work for through their own marketing, networks and recruitment agencies. A jigsaw of assignments adds up to an interesting and varied full-time job.

It’s hard to think of a discipline that you can’t source flexibly: Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Operations, Sales…. There is an expert available for every role when you need it.

If you are a growing business, hiring flexible expertise makes particular sense. You want access to experienced people who know what it takes to build a business but you can’t afford them full-time. By hiring people on a flexible basis you can get access to the experience, skills and contacts you need for an affordable amount.

That’s the positive side of the coin at least. I’m not so sure about the ethics of zero hours at the bottom end of the wage scale but that’s a whole other subject.

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