Forecasting Tip #1 – Distinguish between forecasts and targets

This is the first in a series of tips on forecasting. These will run alongside our tips on Pricing (and maybe others to come).

A forecast is a statement about events whose actual outcomes have not yet been observed. In business, forecasts are made to help manage operations, cashflow and expectations. Risk and uncertainty are central to forecasting.

A target on the other hand is an outcome that is set in order to drive or monitor performance of an individual or a team.

Forecasts and targets can be confused, particularly when setting budgets. In situations where the two have been confused there can be a tendency to stick with an out-of-date target (budget) rather than moving on to a new forecast of new outcomes based on the latest information about the current situation. We have more to say about budgeting in the future.

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Forecasting Tip #2 – Always forecast a range of outcomes

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