useful articles & websites

Finance Function

F1F9 build financial models for effective decision-making and can teach you to do the same. Their website has lots of useful stuff about spreadsheets and effective modelling skills.

Key Performance Indicators

Great library of KPI’s by subject if you are looking for some good measures for your business.

Principles of Effective Information Management

Good article with 10 principles for effective information management.

ROI of Business Intelligence

I particularly like the ROI for the 3 levels of report automation and introduction of business intelligence.

Tableau Software

Software for data visualisation and dashboard design.

The Wrong Measures

Great article by the excellent Seth Godin on organisations who spend too much time and money following the wrong measures.


Robin’s experienced advice on strategy, design of management information, and wise counsel on managing our finances strategically has been invaluable as we grow our consultancy business.

Caroline Underwood
CEO of The Philanthropy Company