the need for speed


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I return to the subject of speed in the finance function with 10 ways to speed up month-end.

A reminder of what a growing business needs from its finance function.

Great TEDtalk from Seth Godin on the future of education.

And I loved these slightly disturbing images of Clownsville.



Speeding up month-end

Speed is so important for finance functions. It means that:

  • managers receive more up-to-date information. But don’t forget all management information is always out-of-date.

  • capacity is freed up in the finance team to support the business in lots more useful ways.

  • the finance team are forced to be more flexible, getting them on the path of innovation and continuous improvement.

The blog gives you 10 ideas of what to do to speed up month-end. If you want more support get in touch, I’ll be happy to come in for a free consultation to begin to map out the things you can do to improve.

Finance functions for growing businesses

growing-320If speeding up month-end is for businesses that already have something of a finance function, what about early stage businesses that are still setting things up? For those that missed it here is the link that explains what every early stage business serious about growth needs from its finance functions.

In these days of web-based finance systems, businesses can run these processes in-house or outsourced: whatever suits. We can design & implement something that is right for you. If you’d like a no obligation discussion about how to set-up your finance function get in touch.

Stop Stealing Dreams

Seth GodinThis video has been around for a few years but I have only just seen it. Not only is it great to see one of the leading modern management gurus in full flow, brimming with ideas but it gets your mind working about your own business challenges.

How is connected digital tech changing the world of financial management? Profoundly. Should all management information be real-time? Is budgeting a complete waste of time? Does finance have to be boring? Why have you not got rid of your accounting system?

I can’t promise to be up to the standard of Seth but am always happy to come along to talk to a group about the future of financial management. If you are looking to stimulate thinking in your team, I will come along to speak and provoke a discussion. Please get in touch if you are interested.

And finally…

Macabre scary clownThose that follow this newsletter will know that I like to end with something a little different to the world of finance. This month I was drawn to these amazing photos of clowns. Not for everyone as I know there are some coulrophobics out there, (google it if you don’t know what I mean).

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