what we do

We improve finance functions. For your finance function to add value it needs to fit your organisation and engage people in an effective manner. Bellevue Partners can help you in different ways to create the right programme to make this happen:

Our assessment tool analyses the strengths & weaknesses in your finance function presenting the results in an accessible way that can be turned into action.

Information design
We design accessible and engaging management information that allows you to monitor performance drivers and strategic progress of your organisation.

Part-time CFO’s and finance directors
We provide experienced individuals on a flexible basis to provide the expertise you need at a level that you can afford.

We offer online and face-to-face training for finance and non-finance managers that is tailored to your organisation.

We work with you and your team to analyse, plan and deliver change that will transform the effectiveness of your finance function.

We bring together people from across your organisation to create helpful forecasts and develop ongoing ways to improve them.

Our flexible resourcing means that we can take the lead on a transformation programme in an interim capacity or support executives already working in your organisation.

We mentor individuals to help them understand their leadership and financial management challenges while creating effective strategies to meet them.

We collaborate with your management team to create business plans that will clarify and deliver your strategic objectives.

Information tools
We create financial models and can provide advice about systems to deliver information in the way that it is needed.

Expert consultants
We provide expertise, not just in finance, but also in HR and IT, from experienced individuals who can help build your finance team into a highly effective unit.

We facilitate workshops that engage and develop your management enabling them to find better ways to look after your organisation’s money.

These services make change possible that will create a well-integrated and responsive finance function which provides the information and opportunities for managers to make effective decisions that will drive the success of your organisation.

We can work in any sector but tend to focus on not-for-profit organisations and growing businesses who are trying to scale-up.


Robin is a consummate finance professional. He has an eye for detail combined with a commercial awareness that is needed when developing a growing business. On top of which he is good company and has a positive attitude that gives confidence to his peers and those who work with him.

Iain Anstey
Managing Director, EMEA Knoa Software