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21st Century Financial Management is what we call the new way for finance functions can operate where:

Information is produced quickly: month-end accounts in 5 days or less
Productivity is improved and wasteful processes eliminated – such as improving forecasting so that time squandered on annual budgeting is reduced
Staff become multi-skilled, engaged and customer-centric

Trustees and senior managers call us when they are:
Uncertain whether their finance function is as engaged or robust as it needs to be
Disappointed with finance’s levels of service
Looking for an opinion on current performance and new ideas to move things forward
Bellevue provides senior financial know-how on a flexible basis:
Performance improvement specialists and part-time FDs
Thought-provoking training
Useful online information

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I worked with Robin on a very difficult turnaround assignment. At every turn he was faced with significant problems, a demoralised management team, tough supply and customer issues, inadequate finance and IT. He never lost his patience, working through the issues, focusing on the team, supporting them, leading them. He showed himself to be someone with deep reserves of resilience, but someone who cares most about people. A rare beast, a finance guy who is a genuine people person.

David Harbord
Managing Director, Portchester Equity Limited